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On this site, you will find great information about our history and what we do, in addition to a sense of community, camaraderie, and fellowship.

We view the coaching profession through a collaborative and supportive lens -- if we work together, we grow and succeed together.  Our chapter is a warm and vibrant community of all kinds of coaches in Arkansas and Oklahoma.  We provide our members with powerful networking opportunities, professional development, industry trends, coaching resources, and a place to call home.

Coaching is a co-creation, and our chapter is no exception.  To keep us moving forward and thriving, we need you in any capacity you're able -- new & continued membership, ongoing feedback, serving on a committee or the board, suggested speakers and sponsors, hosting an education seminar at your venue -- everything is valuable.

We look forward to meeting you through one of our online meetings or in-person gatherings.

The ICF Arkansas-Oklahoma Board of Directors

A Word from Our President

We are surrounded by opportunities to have positive impact through coaching.

Perhaps more than any time in the history of this earth, the success and well being of individuals and nations depends on constructive dialogue through powerful collaboration.

Each of us has talents that empower us to facilitate this collaboration within our own sphere of influence.

The ICF Arkansas-Oklahoma Chapter exists to develop coaches and connect them to opportunities so they can use their talents to create a meaningful and lasting positive impact.

I'm grateful for this opportunity to play a lead role as the current Chapter President.

Our Chapter is an additional platform for you to expand your sphere and make a greater difference.  I call on all coaches to be contributors, not just consumers of our Chapter.

As we stand together as coaches united in purpose, as contributors to the ICF Arkansas-Oklahoma Chapter, we serve a cause beyond ourselves and our profession--we serve humanity.

Corey Stanford, Chapter President